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Flying a drone without thinking about drone regulation?


Imagine having a UAS not underlying the European Drone Regulation!

You can use it anywhere and anytime?!

Don't need certification or pilot licenses?!

Utopia? No!
Copting GmbH has designed a unique flight system that can be used outside of European and national UAS regulations. Of course, this has been confirmed to us by the competent authorities. It consists of professional components that are also used in our other UAVs.

The unique feature is that the tethered flight system, with cameras, can be used for all applications such as aerial surveillance, protection of infrastructure, events, integration into security concepts and much more. Of course, it can also be fully automated, can be stationed decentrally and can also be integrated into control center systems via open interfaces.

The combination of professional and widely used technology, mobile use, stationary use on buildings or in vehicles, open interfaces, easy integration into existing communication infrastructure and without proprietary components or software is unique in the EU.

Compact, lightweight, cost-effective – without regulatory effort.

If you are interested, we are happy to assist industry, BOS, critical infrastructure, research and authorities. We are open to sales partners.

Get in touch with us.

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