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Sensors for UAVs

Only the sensors on board a multicopter, a UAV, ensure the right and desired benefit. Your project stands and falls with the sensors that are used for the task. We would like to give you a small overview of different sensors.

Thermal cameras (IR) partly with RGB sensor / dual cameras
Thermal imaging cameras are not only used by the police, fire brigade and rescue services for people search, fire watch, firefighting, situation assessments.

Thermal cameras are also used for building inspection, monitoring PV systems, checking above-ground piping, aerial surveys of underground lines, in archeology and much more.

RGB cameras

Surveying, orthophotos, 3D models, beautiful overviews, sharp images for maintenance, evaluation, advertising, preservation of evidence - each task has different requirements for the camera to be used.

From small, light to high-resolution (100 MP) - as you need it.

Sensors and cameras for agricultural use

For agricultural applications (agriculture, forestry, etc.) there are some sensors and cameras that provide important and valuable status information. Moisture, state of health, biomass index, stress level of the plants and trees and much more.

Multispectral cameras, thermal cameras but also the new CWSI camera support the sustainable and cost-efficient management of agricultural land, fallow land, forests, wetlands and much more.

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