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ADS-B and Flarm transceiver in one device

The TR1F belongs to the generation of the smallest transceivers on the market and supports two technologies: ADS-B and FLARM. It is designed to support civil and commercial unmanned aircraft systems, as well as general aviation.

The device operates at 1090 MHz and 868 MHz and allows receiving and sending ADSB and FALRM data with a defined output power of 0.25, 0.5 or 1 watt for ADS-B and 0.025 watt for FALRM. No external devices are required to operate the transceiver. It is equipped with a high-quality multi-GNSS receiver and an air pressure sensor. The aluminum body and ESD protection guarantee a high resistance of the device to difficult conditions. The TR-1F opens the way to safely integrate UAS into non-segregated airspace, implement the Detect and Avoid algorithms and reduce segregation between airspace users.

NOTE: A FLARM UAS license is required for operation with FLARM frequency. The license can be obtained with the device upon purchase.

Technical specifications

  • Real-time aircraft tracking in 1090MHz and 868MHz band

  • Patented FPGA In-The-LoopTM technology with the ability to receive thousands of frames per second

  • Integrated high quality GNSS position source and barometric altitude sensor

  • RF output power of 0.25, 0.5 or 1 watt for ADS-B

  • Licensed FLARM transceiver (0.025 watt output power)

  • Implemented MAVLink and AEROTM protocol

  • Low power consumption and light weight

  • Simple plug & play operation

  • Programming via AT commands

  • Designed to meet MOPS DO-260B (except output power)

  • Dimension: 35.0 x 25.0 x 8.5mm

  • Traffic monitoring on board

  • position broadcast

  • Implementation of detection and avoidance algorithms

Frequency band

ADS-B - 1090MHz,

FLARM - 868MHz

(jumping depending on region between 868 MHz - 928 MHz)

Input voltage

5V (+/- 5%)

Current consumption

averaged 180mA



RF Output power ADS-B

Configurable +30dBm(1W), +27dBm(0.5W), +24dBm(0.25W)

RF Output power FLARM


ESD protection

All lines protected

MAV Link (baud)


AERO (baud)

115200bps(AT commands)

Main connector


Antenna connector

2 x MMCX


35.0 x 25.0 x 8.5mm

Weight (without cables and antennas)

14 grams

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