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For challenging tasksHybrid UAS, drone, multirotor

Your expert for state of the art UAS - increase your flight time and performance by using our hybrid drones

With the modular TransformerUAV we offer a small revolution in the field of modern multirotors. This solution is a flight system for different applications and requirements. This is very flexible, modularly expandable, robust, weatherproof, extremely easy to maintain and repair and can be easily changed for different configurations.

Our hybrid drone - your benefits and advantages

Our goal is to provide customers with innovative and professional drone technology products at any times.

In addition to our range of electric UAVs, we offer you an exceptional model that boasts extreme flight times and outstanding payloads.

Hybrid drive system
A combustion engine provides the required electrical power for the drone. Up to 7kW of power covers almost every need of demanding flight systems. And yes, can be operated with Ethanol.

Flight time
Very long flight times are achieved thanks to the power provided by a combustion engine, which always works in the effcient power range. Up to 4 hours flight time can be achieved, of course depending on the payload. Even when using the maximum payload of 10 kg, flight times of around >1 hour are achieved.

The maximum payload of the hybrid system is 10 kg.
pecial setup for higher payloads possible.

High performance, high payload, long endurance, maximum efficiency

Find a short video of our Hybrid UAS with flexibel mounted payload during test flight on our YouTube channel

No matter what application you use our hybrid UAS for, you multiply your results.

  • Multiply the area covered to conventional drones
  • Increase the payload and still remain very stable in the air
  • No need to use expensive, extra weight-adjusted sensors
  • Payload weight is no longer a priority for efficient, economical and cost-effective drone deployment

Perfect for these use cases, among others:

  • Agriculture
  • Maintenance and inspection of large plants, areas and buildings
  • Survey of large areas with e.g. laser scanner
  • Operations with magnetometer or Ground Penetrating radars (GPR)
  • Early fire detection, forestry, stock counts
  • Transportation in rough terrain, over aisles or at other heights
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