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The perfect solution if you want to keep all the equipment for a mobile drone operation in just one box.

  • Monitor up to 23“ – with or without touch
  • Mini-PC
  • Network Switch
  • Additional place for UBS hub, HDMI switch etc. available
  • Keyboard, Maus
  • Power connector for 12V or 5V devices with different plugs
  • LED-lights switchable when dark
Power in and converter
  • Power in and converter to 24V
  • Switch for external power supply or batteries incl. battery connectors
  • Battery / Lipo charger
  • Storage for remote control
  • Additional space for other equipment
Section for fully equipped drone
  • Section for fully equipped drone
  • Detachable booms attached at side and back
  • Additional space available
Robust wheels
  • Robust wheels

This is just an example to show you a possible equipment

  • ize closed: 60 x 60 x 96 cm
  • Size opened: height 178 cm
  • Empty weight: 40 kg
  • Handles on all sides for easy handling
  • No IP classification
  • This is just an example to show you a possible equipment
  • Can be adapted to almost all drone models
  • Integration of DJI systems possible, including additional equipment
  • Talk to us if you would like to configure your own all-in-one complete system
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