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Copting GmbH M-UAV

The UAV for flexible use with different sensors. Small, light, flexibly equipped, efficient and future-proof.

Our M-UAV is a development to meet the demand for compact UAV.

Thanks to foldable rotor arms, it can be stored in a light, waterproof transport box and is ready for use on site in a flash. The 6 motors provide enough power to transport a payload of up to 2.4 kilos. A Flir Duo Pro R is no challenge at all and does not need to hide from any commercial product in terms of flight time.

As quad copter, arms not foldable, it is even more powerful, resists heavy winds and can perform different challenging tasks.

The professional flight control offers all the functionalities that professionals need for their demanding missions. Due to the many interfaces, distance sensors, ADS-B receivers, RTK or other sensors can also be attached, connected and used.
In order not to be dependent on proprietary manufacturers, we use commercially available standard batteries for this model. These are available almost everywhere and are cheaper than model-specific batteries from other manufacturers.

Of course, our M-UAV can also be flown tethered. Without conversions, simply replace the battery with the onboard module and you can keep the M-UAV in the air for hours with our tethering module.

Perfect for anyone looking for a compact, powerful, flexible and robust flight system. And since we produce the M-UAV in-house, we are also at your disposal for all extensions, spare parts, conversions and much more.

Technical specifications





Hexacopter, flat, folding boom

Hexacopter, flat, folding boom

Number of engines:



Number of outriggers:



Weight without payload:

1,8 kilo

2,4 kilo

Weight standard battery:

620 grams

620 grams

maximum take-off weight:

4 kilo

6 kilo

Dimensions (cm): 

65 x 54 x 32

71 x 61 x 48

Hangar suitable

Do you want to place your M-UAV remote but control it centrally? Then take a look at our drone hangars. Here your drone is protected from wind and weather and is always ready for use, waiting for your command.

Everyone is talking about 
4G controlled drones

We make it real! Talk to us about your application and we will plan the perfect 4G controlled drone together with you. Also ideal in connection with decentralized drone hangars and central control from an operations control center

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