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Copting GmbHForest fires, floods, pests, crop damage

Not only the last terrible events, but also for several years it has become clear that preventive action is not only relevant, but immanently important.

Information for prevention, for continuous monitoring or, in the event of damage, for situation information in real time are essential data to prevent worse or to quickly deploy the right help in the right place. Unmanned flight systems make an important, sometimes life-saving contribution to this.

The hitherto classic use of drones, started from a predetermined point, controlled by one person and under the guidance and leadership of a responsible, senior emergency service, can only take place on request and with the coordination of other authorities. Certainly very useful and necessary, sometimes indispensable.

If you now combine the existing technical possibilities consisting of flight systems, software and peripherals , not only new resources result. Completely "new" uses are also available. These are used for prevention, situation assessment and condition monitoring with a direct connection to a control center, a situation center or "any" relevant location.

Let's take a combination of UAV, a hangar, control and analysis software as an example.

A drone with real image and thermal sensors is stationed in a hangar near a large forest area. This hangar is equipped with the necessary electronics to keep the flight system dry and temperature-controlled without personnel intervention.

The missions are planned and the entire system is monitored using mission planning software that is installed decentrally in a control center. Regular aerial surveys of the area are automated, no user intervention necessary. No matter what time of day or night. Communication with the hangar and drone takes place via secure communication channels.

Using special image analysis methods, different conditions, heat sources, smoke, moisture penetration and much more can be detected and identified in the image and lead to a message, an alarm in the control center. The employees can immediately access the live images from the drone and observe the situation on site and initiate targeted measures.

This means that the people working in the control center only need to pay attention to the use of the drone once it has been detected. So it follows the principle of stationary cameras with image analysis and relieves the employees significantly. If necessary, the flight systems can also be used in a targeted manner and overfly endangered areas. Another example, basically the same as before, but with the addition of the drone's restraint. So the connection of the drone to a cable with power supply and network line. Surely the drone can no longer "fly away". However, you gain a flying mast that can fly continuously for hours (24/7). This can be particularly important for damage situations in which a permanent overview in a control center or in a crisis center is required.

As a professional, experienced service provider and manufacturer, we have all of these components in our portfolio. Feel free to contact us and we'll talk about the many options, which are probably cheaper than you might imagine.

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