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Perfect way of charging your Decentralized drones UAV Smart Charger

Small, smart, leight weight, fast and safe way of charging your remotely stationed UAVs

Deployment fo decentralized, remotely stationed UAVs sounds quite simple. In fact you have to deal with several issues, which make the decentralization far more complicated.

One essential point when remotely deploying drones, e.g. with our Hangar "Domum", is how to charge the batteries as fast, easy, safe and reliable as soon as the drone has returned from mission. Available charging equipment might not help you and are big, heavy and expensive.

With our UAV Smart Charger we have developed a charger, unique in size, functionality and reliability. 

  • For automatic chargeing of drone batteries right after landing
  • Small and light weight ground module, small and light weight charging contacts
  • Use your batteries
  • Easy, simple and flexible installation of the landing pads
  • Automatic start and Stop of charging process
  • Automatic take-off and landing detection
  • Network interface for remote control and monitoring
  • Ground modul: 17 x 21 x 16 cm  ,  1,3 Kg (standard housing)
  • Charging contacts: 2 pcs, each 30 x 30 mm and 50 g

Start using our UAV Smart Charger

For more information please have a look on the PDF below

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UAV Smart Charger for autonomous drones
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