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From maintenance to repair Drone service

You can always rely on our experienced team.

Safety is particularly important when using drones. No matter how sophisticated and reliable the drone technology is, regular checks and quick action in the event of technical problems are important investments in the function and longevity of the unmanned aerial systems.

With our comprehensive drone service, we offer you the right support for every requirement.

Whether maintenance or repairs - the scope of the drone service

So that you can use your technology for as long as possible, we are at your side with a professional drone service including thorough maintenance. This enables us to discover even the smallest defects before they cause significant damage. In addition to the cyclical inspection of the structure and the fixed parts, the engines in particular are an important point in the context of maintenance work. These only have a limited lifespan before the bearings have to be checked. Our employees also inspect the batteries and software updates. We look after your individual system as well as a fleet of UAS. You tell us your requirements, we have the solution.

If a repair is already necessary, we will professionally repair the drone. Before the repair, you will receive a damage assessment from us, on the basis of which you can make your decision. We always work independently of the manufacturer.

Of course, we are also the right contact for extensions and modifications. Since drone technology is progressing so rapidly, it makes sense to equip the flight system with new sensors and equipment some time after purchase. Here, too, we act independently of the manufacturer.

Contact Copting GmbH now

Would you like to use our drone service for the safe and technically best possible use of your flight systems? Then we look forward to your inquiry via telephone, e-mail or contact form.

Our recommendation is to take out a maintenance contract so that you no longer miss important appointments. Our technicians are happy to help you. Drone technology? This is a case for us!

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