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The use of multicopters, UAV, drones for aerial photography and aerial photography is proliferating. Simple as well as professional flight systems are able to take pictures of buildings, people and areas regardless of their own location. The flight systems available on the market today offer amazing possibilities for little money.

The fact that this technology is already available and usable with a low entry threshold brings both opportunities and risks for companies.

Industrial and commercial companies can use well-equipped and equipped, safe multicopters very efficiently as a further component in the surveillance of sensitive areas.

In a wide variety of cases, the multicopters offer an airborne view and provide a situational picture in real time. It is no longer necessary to immediately send personnel to checkpoints in the event of suspected cases. Controlling a camera-equipped multicopter to an exposed location gives an immediate picture of the situation and the operations center recognizes false alarms or directs the right number of personnel to the right places.

But for companies, multicopters also pose a certain risk. Due to their simple and efficient application options, sensitive areas, buildings and areas can be easily reached and recorded. Efficient defense or prevention strategies of intruding multicopters are a very complex matter and often not possible at the current time.

In both cases, we can provide you with very efficient advice and practical support with our experience and technical expertise. That's the way we can

  • inform you about the technical possibilities of the multicopter,
  • show you possible uses for your safety and averting danger,
  • Offer test flights as “attack” or “reconnaissance”,
  • Educate and train your personnel with regard to flight systems deployment and defense
  • accompany you in the implementation of a pilot project and
  • Provide you with the necessary technology tailored to your needs and individually.

We have already successfully completed projects in these areas and can therefore report from practice. Talk to us, we are always at your disposal.

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