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Our 4S, 6S and 12S tethering systemsTethered drone with fibre optics

How to keep a drone in the air 24/7 without having to charge!

In the case of major disasters in particular, it can be useful to have a permanent overview of the scene. Approach and exit routes, staging areas and endangered areas can be better controlled. But UAVs also provide reliable data and images for other tasks, such as traffic counting or traffic monitoring. Copting GmbH has the solution for your high demands - tethered drones/tethering systems of the latest generation!

Our tethered drones offer these advantages

New Use Cases possible, enhance dramaticaly usage of existing drones

  • 24/7 operation of drones
  • Mobile use or fixed installation of the tethering, e.g. on vehicles or in our drone hangar "Domum"
  • Integrated network function in the 100m tether (e.g. fiber optics)
  • Different power versions (1,5 kW, 3 kW, 6 kW)
  • Use it for 4S (16,8V), 6s (25V) or 12S (50V) drones
  • For Copting UAVs and drones of other manufacturers
  • Constand power supply incl back-up-battery
  • One ground station can be used with different drones and power requirements
  • Onboard module for power supply usable on several drone models

Operate your drone for hours or 24/7 without having to land

 With our tethering systems, you can operate our drone platforms or products from other manufacturers for a wide variety of applications as "flying masts".

 With a data line included in the cable (e.g. fiber optics), you can process and/or forward the live image from the cameras or the sensor data with maximum bandwidth on the ground. All components such as autopilot, cameras, sensors can be addressed and controlled via the network connection and enable you to remotely control the entire system. This also includes the use of AI tools and dramatically expands the possible uses and benefits of such a system.

We have responded to the challenges of drone technology with our technically sophisticated products: Until now, the height of ascent was limited due to the weight of the cable. Due to the constant further development of our products, we can now offer cable lengths of up to 120 meters. This enables a significant increase in height or a significantly larger range of motion.

Different performance classes of our tethering systems make it possible to operate 4S, 6S or 12S systems tethered. Whatever drone, we have your tethering system.

Use of the tethering system

The power cable provides the UAV with uninterrupted power, so that flight times of 24 hours a day, seven days a week can be achieved. Especially in the case of major disasters or events, the drone allows a constant overview. The many advantages of our tethered drones for a wide variety of purposes will convince you.

Discuss your project with us!
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