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Copting GmbH Command and control suite

The use of drones by companies, organizations, authorities and research is increasing significantly for a wide variety of purposes. Always with a clear, defined goal and benefit as well as implementation at a wide variety of locations.

With the increasing use of flight systems, the number of different UAS also increases, which in turn entail different flight and remote controls, control mechanisms and video transmissions. Increasing use of drones with different flight systems requires increased effort for the company, the organization, the authority to meet the legal and internal requirements as well as to harmonize and provide sensor data. For larger organizations in particular, efficient, where appropriate automated and secure administration, approval, control and documentation processes should be introduced at an early stage.

There is a risk of "proliferation" of different control types and protocols, data formats, transmission routes (live stream) and the use of a "common" platform should take place as soon as possible.

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