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21.02.2023Considering the different parts of UAS as infrastructure component- enabling Multi-Site or Single-Site remote deployment of UAS


When it comes to the use of UAS  for e.g. power line inspection, railway infrastructure, surveying, overviews, inspection of infrastructure, fire protection, damage situations and much more, UAS, drones are  among the tools for efficient and fast action.

Restrictions are basically the limited flight duration and the lack of  drone-related infrastructure.

With our various components and products, we close this gap and enable significantly expanded use for UAS, of course in addition to our variable drone solutions. We are also happy to integrate your existing drones.

With our drone hangar "Domum" you can set up drone bases e.g. along power lines, railway tracks, in open-cast mining, in  rural areas or hard-to-reach areas. These bases ("Domum" = Latin home, home) can be used by drones in the drop-in/hop-off procedure.  This is to charge the batteries without personnel intervention or simply to land in between.

Our drone management software maintains contact with all components such as UAV, hangar, payload, etc. and gives a real-time overview of the status of all  components, all hangar systems and whether it is free or occupied.

Automatic charging stations ensure safe charging of the batteries. This is where our UAV Smart Charger comes into play, the status of which is also visible via the drone management software.

Do not hesitate contacting us to learn more about our UAS ecosystem that offers multi-site and single-site operations.

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