Efficiency “one for all”– the command & control center

The use of drones by companies, organisations, authorities and researcher is increasing dramatically. Always with a specific, defined goal and benefit as well as decentralises deployment.

With increase use, the number of different UAVs with different flight controller and remote controls, control links and video transmissions also increase.

Increased use of different kind of drones within a company, organization, authority leads to a more and more complex management of all legal and organisational aspects of harmonisation and integration of sensor data.

Especially for growing or bigger organisations deploying UAVs for daily business an efficient, automated, safe and secure management of assets, permission, command&control and documentation is necessary.

There is a huge risk of “wild growth” of different types and protocols, data formats, data transmission routes (livestream) which only can be kept manageable by using one common platform.

Leitstand Struktur

The technical concept

Learn about the layers, the structure and the functionality of our command & control center

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Anwendungen für den Drohnen-Leitstand

Use Cases

Learn more about the benefits and the ways our solution can level up the professional use of UAVs

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Über Copting

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