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14.10.2022UAS Smart Charger - charge your autonomous UAS - smart, small, leight weight, fast, safe


The remote deployment of autonomous drones comes always with the question, how they can be charged quick, safe and fast.

There are numerous products on the market offering such functionality. Either wireless or based on contacts. However these products are very often quite difficult to integrate into existing setups, platforms and infrastructure.

With the unique UAV Smart Charger Copting offers automatic battery charging which is very small, light weight and very easy to use. It consists of 2 components, the ground module and the charging contacts on the drone.

The ground module can be operated with a wide variety of input voltages, weighs 1.3 kg with standard housing and contains intelligent charging electronics. It is able to recognize the correct polarity and starts the charging process as soon as the drone landed on the charging plarform. It is also possible to control and monitor the UAS Smart Charger through your network.

Of course the charging process is switched off as soon as the batteries are full. Smart is also to recognize if the drone has landed or took off for either activating charging or switching off the power supply. This ensures that the system is only powered if a drone is on the platform and is to be charged.Any danger for third parties is therefore excluded.

The charging contacts on the drone, 2 are required, weigh only 50g each and are made of industrial spring contacts.

The automatic, autonomous charging of your UAS couldn't be any easier.

Due to the compact and simple structure of the ground module, integration is very easy, fast and inexpensive into nearly any kind of platform or existing infrastructure.

For more information please find our product flyer UAS Smart Charger for download.

We look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to provide you with further information.

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