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Multi Side - UAS21.02.2023Considering the different parts of UAS as infrastructure component- enabling Multi-Site or Single-Site remote deployment of UAS

When it comes to the use of UAS  for e.g. power line inspection, railway infrastructure, surveying, overviews, inspection of infrastructure, fire protection, damage situations and much more, [...]

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Hybrid powertrain multirotor01.02.2023Break the limits of conventional UAS flight times

The classic usage limitation for UAS lies in the limited battery capacity. The balanced relationship between total weight, engine efficiency and battery charge inevitably leads to a decision as to [...]

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UAS Smart Charger14.10.2022UAS Smart Charger - charge your autonomous UAS - smart, small, leight weight, fast, safe

The remote deployment of autonomous drones comes always with the question, how they can be charged quick, safe and fast. There are numerous products on the market offering such functionality. Either [...]

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uav trailer01.10.2022Tethered drone in a trailer - protecting sensible areas or critical infrastructure

The use of drone systems as a suitable tool for securing areas, for monitoring extensive areas and for extensive area overviews has proven itself very often. Only the limited flight time requires an [...]

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uxv adapter copting overview29.01.2022UxV-adapter "EasyConnect" - easy way in connecting remote locations

We are proud in announcing our unique UxV-Adapter "EasyConnect"An easy and fast way in connecting your UAV and UGV, to any remote location. No need in buying expensive hardware, transmitter etc. Our [...]

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